Things to do

Nearby Attractions

There is so much to do near and around Cottage Grove, you’ll never be bored. Check out what the srounding area has to offer!

Parks & Trails

Cottage Grove is a fantastic community with more than 1,300 acres of park land open for all ages to enjoy. Our mission is to create and promote policies, programs and places that enable active living to improve health, well-being, education and vitality to our community. We want you to take advantage of our services.

Orchards & Gardens

Have a love for Flowers and Ochhards? Cottage Grove has what you’re looking for. Check out the Beautiful Orchards & Gardens.


Many small businesses offer shopping options like online ordering, curbside pickup, private appointments and more. Shoppers can be confidant, we are committed to higher safety standards for customers and employees than the minimum requirements.

Sports & Fitness

Wiether its catching a little league game, going fishing or you have a love for winter sports, Cottage Grove can fill that sports need.

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