Where to Find Fall Colors in Cottage Grove

We love to rave about Cottage Grove’s parks and paths over here at Discover Cottage Grove, so we’re giving you the inside scoop about the best ones to visit to see all the beautiful colors of the Fall season.

To see some of the most diverse tree species in the city, head to Woodridge Park. The many different species ensure that you’ll see vibrant fall colors along the natural and paved trails and in the all-inclusive playground.

At Hamlet Park, follow the beautiful trailway to the north pond where you can see the fall colors of the trees reflecting back at you in the water.

The 65-acre Highlands Park has ample opportunities to explore the colors of the season. Take a walk through the colorful trees surrounding the over four miles of trails that wind through grasslands, woodlands and wetlands.  

Oakwood Park’s hilly terrain gives a beautiful overlook over Cottage Grove. Hang up a hammock in the newly installed ‘Hammock Grove’ and watch as the leaves change over the city.

Cottage Grove Ravine Regional Park’s 515 acres of beautiful hills, a small lake, miles of trails and heavily wooded ravines will make a fall day out with the family the perfect place to see the colors change.

The Grey Cloud Dunes Scientific and Natural Area (SNA) not only provides wonderful birdwatching, natural hiking trails and abundant plant life, it also is a great place to view the fall colors. This leave-no-trace protected area is abundant with tree life that turns into splendid fall colors.

Hazen P. Mooers Park offers the perfect picnic spot for enjoying a bite to eat while taking in the fall colors of the Mississippi River. Bundle up and take a seat at the picnic table located right off the shores of the Might Mississippi backwaters.

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