Where to Snowshoe in Cottage Grove

Since our trusted furry weatherman Punxsutawney Phil predicted another six weeks of winter earlier last month, we might as well embrace it! After all, there’s snow place like Cottage Grove during the wintertime! One of our favorite ways to enjoy the winter in Cottage Grove is by going snowshoeing.

At the 515-acre Cottage Grove Ravine Regional Park, miles of snowshoe and multi-use trails allow winter sports enthusiasts and casual snowshoers alike to enjoy the winter terrain. The 5.5 miles of multi-use trails include 1.7 miles of minimum maintenance trail perfect for those who prefer fresh powder for their snowshoeing needs. If you prefer a slightly easier and smoother walk in your snowshoes, opt for the 3.8 miles of packed trails. When you’re feeling adventurous, you can even go off-trail.

Cottage Grove’s other famed snowshoeing location is River Oaks Golf Course and Event Center. River Oaks transforms from a top-notch golf course in the summer to a winter wonderland in the colder and snowier months. The trails at River Oaks are free to use and groomed regularly. Enjoy views of the Mississippi River while you snowshoe. The restaurant at River Oaks opens for weekend dinners on March 4, so if Punxsutawney Phil’s predictions are correct, we’ll be able to make a day out of working up an appetite snowshoeing and filling up and warming up with some tasty dinner.

The is a natural area where native plants and animals can flourish. The natural beauty of the area and the views of the Mississippi River will leave visitors breathless. The State of Minnesota recommends the Grey Cloud Dunes as one of the best SNAs for snowshoeing. The virtually undisturbed area also means you’re probably going to see some wildlife on your trip! Just remember to treat this special area with care and be light on the land!

If we haven’t quite won you over yet, we also have 31 other parks. We’re sure there’s something to meet your snowshoeing needs!

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