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Treat Yo' Self! (And Your Pet!)

Your best buddy has been with you through it all, never leaving your side. Show them how much they mean to you with a little extra love by treating them (and you!) to a few special spots around town.

First, start your day with a beautiful retreat to Cottage Grove’s WAG Farms Dog Park. Your playful pooch not only has free admittance to this off-leash dog park, they also have the opportunity to roam the 14 acre, fully fenced woodlands, grasslands, and pond as they get out their energy and get in their social interaction with other dogs for the day!

Now that you’ve both started your morning off with a bit of play and exercise, it’s time for a treat! Head on over to Starbucks and grab yourself that Insta-worthy latte. Don’t forget about Fido! Starbucks also offers free Puppachino’s to those friendly fur balls! 

After a little pick-me-up, it’s time to hit the trails! Whether you want to go for a leisurely stroll, or kick up that heart rate for a run, Cottage Grove has over 60 miles of trails for you and your pup to explore. Just remember to clean-up after your furry friend and follow City ordinances about leashes. 

All that sunshine and fresh air must be making you hungry! Good news for you both! You can pick up the latest healthy food to ensure a long life and shiny coat for your best bud at Chuck & Don’s Pet Food Supplies or PetSmart. Why not throw in a no-hide, soft and tender, or dental chew while you’re at it? After all, it’s ‘Treat Yo’ Self (and you’re pet) Day!’

While your pup relaxes with their chew of choice, you can head out to our local Noodles and Company for lunch! They have four pet friendly tables to choose from. If that’s not quite your speed, you can also stop by our local Culvers which has a pet friendly outdoor patio where you and rover can dine together. 

Now that you’re fed and feeling good, why not feel better? Cottage Grove has two locations where you can bring in your pup for pampering and grooming services! La Pooch Grooming is a full-service doggy spa offering nail trims, baths and dryers, ear trims and grooming! Looking for something a little more fabulous? Lisa’s Fabulous Paws offers Nagayu Co2 skin therapy treatment which deeply cleanses, removes odors, and can help with some skin and allergies issues in addition to grooming. 

Wow, what a day! You must be exhausted! I can bet we can guess who’s not though… Take some time for yourself while you drop your dog off at doggy daycare! Hound Around Resort is a family owned and operated pet resort that serves all of Cottage Grove and surrounding areas. They offer a newly expanded facility boasting 4,500 feet of indoor play areas and 4,300 feet of outdoor play space designed for dogs of all ages and breeds. They also have six webcams on their website so you can watch your pooch from afar and make sure they’re having the best day ever!

Looking for Even More?

Whether your puppy is ready for training or you’re ready to teach your old dog  new tricks, Big Leap of Faith Dog Training & Services will get them in tip top shape. Big Leap offers group training sessions for dogs of all ages and sizes, or private obedience training. Finally, if you’d like some help with your pet to work on a specific undesired behavior, they can help with private behavior intervention too!

We get it, it’s the end of the summer, and things are hectic. You’re back-to-school shopping, packing in the last days at the pool or the cabin before you have to take out the dock and more. There’s just not enough time in the day! That’s where Christine’s Professional Pet Care comes in.

Christine’s offers basic pet sitting, dog waking, hiking excursions and more. Need to take your furry family member to an appointment but don’t have the time? Christine’s will pick them up and drive them where they need to go. Going out-of-town? Christine’s also offers to water your plants, check your mail, wait for packages, and deliver groceries and pet supplies right before you get home for a smooth transition for pets and family alike!  Need someone home to meet a service provider while you’re at work? Christine’s can do that too!

Whether you take advantage of all, or one of these services Cottage Grove has to provide, rest assured, you and your pup are welcome and will have a fantastic time here with us!


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